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Viol Mold

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Viol Mold

EGG TRAY MOLD (EGG TRAY MOLD) Our company, which produces egg viol molds with its developing production technologies, has the technological infrastructure and 10 years of egg viol production sector, which is the main egg viol molds production standard sizes of egg viol 25 lbs, 20 lbs, 17 lbs, 15 / 5 lbs 30 lol molds and molds for molds 30 lol molds are used in the market with viol lids, but in the face of changing demands for the consumption of fresh eggs, which is preferable for less eggs used in the packaging of the paper used to consume the following paper viol sizes 1 x 15 molds with flatup lid 1 x 10 molds with flatup lid 1 x 5 molds with flatup lid 2x6 molds with flatup lid ASKAY MAKİNA SANAYİ VE TİCARET LTD ŞTİ With its innovative and advanced CNC machine park, the production of viol has been a leading company in the manufacturing of paper molds and pulp molds with innovative solutions for the production of ironing molds. With Cnc and new machine track, we can produce all the molds used in viol machines.

The carpet viola health and paper recycling sector contributes to the country's economy by increasing its exports to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Albania, Poland, Africa, Europe and China by increasing its exports as paper viols. With the newly developed viol machine designs, egg tray machine has become a leader in the world market with paper pulp production machines. pioneer of the sector Huhtamaki, Hartman, Emery, SB printers, the principled and ethical rules of competition with firms are taking work together steps chinese companies' machines he wants us to a most produce is willing ASKAY MACHINE from the only name in turkey. It has acquired a good image in the name of askay machine even in china companies in the sector by making molds of viol and ironing machines.

Our company produces the following molds:
• 20 lbs, 30 pieces pan mold
• 17 lbs, 30 pieces pan mold
• 15.5 lbs, 30 pieces pan mold
20/17 lbs, cap mold
The above mentioned molds can be made in 2 versions:
• Aluminum
• Steel

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