egg tray and industrial tray production machines

  • user-icon Askay Makina
  • date-icon August 23, 2023

pulp molding Machinery

Egg tray machines produce various paper packaging carrier trays based on paper recycling with AS 4000 and AS 6000 models, which offer automatic and new generation professional production. These machines can produce various types of packaging, especially egg trays, fruit trays, egg boxes, medical paper kidney products, industrial carrier paper products.

Egg Tray Machines Evaluate Waste Paper

The basic operation of pulp molding production machines consists of a series of carefully designed steps. Waste papers are first turned into pulp, then poured into customizable molds in the shaping section to form the desired pulp mold form. wet Shaped dough shapes are dried at moderate temperatures and then stacked automatically. In the last step, the dried pulp tray is packed in bundles and made ready for shipment. This process is managed completely automatically and each step is controlled by a central computer system.

Offering Ideal Solutions to the Packaging Industry

Single Rotary Egg Tray Machines offer an ideal solution especially for egg producers and packaging industry. This machine provides high efficiency thanks to its main components, single rotary mold system, dough preparation system, form molds and drying system. All steps such as shaping, drying and stacking the dough are automatic, helping to reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency. In addition, it offers an environmentally friendly and economically sustainable alternative with its environmentally friendly production process and quality product output.

Pulp Molding Machines are the perfect solution for the automated and efficient production of paper-based packaging products. Especially the Single Rotary dough molding machine provides advantages to large-scale manufacturers with its high-speed production, quality results, low labor costs and environmentally friendly production principles. Pulp molding machines increase production efficiency while reducing labor costs thanks to their automatic operation. It provides quality and environmentally friendly production, reduces environmental impact by recycling waste paper. Customizable mold system and automatic control allow easy production of different types of packaging. The rapid production of products gives large-scale manufacturers a competitive advantage. As a result, pulp molding machines play an important role in the packaging industry, with benefits such as low cost, high efficiency, environmental sustainability and diversified production.

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