Askay Makina is a manufacturer of egg tray mould, pulp molding machine and equipment focusing on recycling waste paper and cardboard. Askay Makina, which is the leader in the sector thanks to its years of experience and innovative technology, meets the needs of its customers with its quality and environmentally friendly products.

The egg tray is a production process made by combining the fibers of the waste paper by vacuuming and shaping it on a mold. This process promotes the reuse of waste paper, providing an environmentally friendly production method. Askay Makina, with specially designed machinery and equipment, establishes pulp molding machines suitable for the needs of its customers and production lines for all needed hot press, printing machine, industrial viol machine and pulp preparation facilities.

Egg tray machines are state-of-the-art equipment designed and manufactured by our company's engineers. The machines are equipped with features that ensure high quality, durable and highly efficient production. In addition, we offer various product models and solutions according to the needs of our customers.

In addition, Askay Makina adopts a customer-oriented approach that provides lifetime maintenance service. Quality, reliability, excellence and customer satisfaction are always our priority. Our products, which comply with international standards, meet the demands of our customers around the world.

As a result, our company, which is a leading company in the production of egg tray mold and egg tray machine, medical paper trays, industrial paper packaging and fruit tray machines, attaches importance to the reuse of waste paper and an environmentally friendly production method. With its innovative technology, high quality products, customer-oriented approach and strong after-sales support services, it meets the needs of its customers and maintains its leading position in the sector.

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