Industrial tray Molds

  • user-icon Askay Makina
  • date-icon August 31, 2023

egg tray Molds

Egg Tray Molds are packaging solutions specially designed for the protection, transportation and storage of eggs or products that require sensitive shipment. These molds are used in various fields such as egg tray Moulds, paper medical kidney tray and industrial carrier trays and ensure safe placement and packaging of products.

Ensures the Protection of Products During Transportation

Especially egg box molds with lids ensure that the products are protected from external factors during transportation. Egg Tray Molds ensure safe transportation and storage of eggs. These molds are usually made of durable plastic or composite materials, making them long-lasting and resistant to heavy use.

Offers Safe and Orderly Placement Opportunity

The precise design of the pulp molds aims at a safe and orderly placement of products. Egg tray molds in particular contain special compartments and slots so that eggs can be transported and protected without shaking. The practical structure of these molds offers easy removability and storage. Under this category, there are egg tray Molds with different capacities. Molds with a capacity of 6, 12, 18 or 24 eggs offer flexibility to meet a variety of user needs. In addition, hygiene and safety are also important features of egg tray molds. Egg tray molds provide a protective layer to prevent eggs from being scratched or damaged, allowing them to be stored hygienically.

It is important for environmental friendliness

egg tray Molds also play an important role in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness. They are often made from recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, providing a more sustainable option to replace single-use plastic packaging. They also offer customization. Many elements, from colors to brand logos, can be customized, making your products unique and supporting your marketing strategy.

Egg tray molds and other industrial carrier paper tray molds are produced in accordance with high quality standards. Made from durable materials, these molds ensure efficiency and quality in production processes. It also helps you gain the trust of consumers by offering an environmentally friendly and hygienic packaging solution.

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