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As 4000 Machine

8-sided 4-way AS4000 series tray machine is a type of fast machine used in the manufacturing process of tray paper packaging egg tray materials.

It is designed to produce molded dough products such as egg trays, fruit trays, industrial trays, medical trays and other similar products.

The machine uses recycled pulp, which is mixed with water as raw material and then molded into the desired shape.

Pulp molding AS4000 machines are also advanced machines with automation software aiming at affordable production costs and providing ease of use.

And they are popular because of their ability to produce environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. These machines have been the cause of choice in many industries, including food and beverage, electronics and healthcare.

Egg tray machine is a type of equipment used to produce egg tray or carton from waste paper pulp. It typically follows a four-step process:

1 pulping, 2 moulding, 3 drying ovens and 4 packaging.

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