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1000 Standard Machine

An egg tray is a container used to hold and transport eggs. It is made of scrap cardboard, newspaper and comes in 4 sizes XL, L, M, S to egg sizes. It comes in various sizes depending on the number of eggs. 30s egg trays, 1x15, 1x10, 2x6 capped egg trays are widely used by farmers, grocers and households to keep eggs organized and prevent them from cracking or breaking. It is also a convenient way to transport eggs without the risk of damaging them. Plus, egg trays are recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly option for egg storage.

Our AS1000 series viol machine can produce a minimum of 1000 viols per hour.

Egg tray machine is a type of equipment used to produce egg tray or carton from waste paper pulp. It typically follows a four-step process:

1 pulping, 2 moulding, 3 drying and 4 packaging.

The pulping process involves shredding the waste paper with a PULPER machine and immersing it in water to form a pulp mix.

The mixture is prepared in cleaning and thinning tanks, then transferred to the forming machine with pumps, and converted into egg tray shapes by vacuum system using viol molds containing various sizes and quantities.

Molded viols are transferred to the drying oven by automatic systems and then dried using heat or natural air.

The dried viols are counted at the exit of the oven and finally packed and shipped.

Egg tray machines are widely used in poultry farms, egg processing plants and other industries that use egg packaging.

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