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2 Ton Pulper-

Hydra pulper viol machine is a dough preparation machine aiming to save energy, it is a type of pulp preparation machine used in the manufacturing process for the preparation of raw material for viol paper packaging.

It is a pulper machine used to produce pulp and produce products such as egg trays, fruit trays, industrial trays, medical trays and other similar products.

The machine prepares the pulp mixed with water and scrap paper grinding as raw material, then it is transferred to the tanks by transfer pumps for the desired density. Before the forma unit, cleaning is done with a vibrating sieve.

Pulp preparation machines are advanced pulper machines with automation software, which also aims at affordable production costs and provides ease of use.

And because of their ability to produce environmentally friendly and biodegradable products, it is a 55 kW driven machine. These machines are dough preparation machine in many industries, including food and beverage, electronics and healthcare.

2 tons capacity

8 mm st37 steel body

11 mm perforated base sieve plate

5 bladed detachable crusher blades

Lower body with 2 radial and 2 roller load bearings

easy disassembly and assembly mounted blade chamber subgroup

3 channels 650 diameter v17 conical locked pulley

15 kW 1000 rpm engine

15 kw heavy duty inverter plc panel system

waste discharge outlet

round body 3 wave-breaking body structures

80x60 wall type panel

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