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Thermoforming Machine

Thermoforming machine is a kind of viol forming machine that enables the viol materials to take the desired shape by using heat and vacuum. This machine is generally used for the production of trays, packaging materials, lids, shells and other trays.

The thermoforming machine usually consists of several main components:

Mold: The mold used to create the desired product shape is usually made of waste material and paste. The mold is placed on the top of the thermoforming machine.

Heating zone: It is the section where the pulps are heated. This section is usually equipped with infrared or radiant heaters. The pulp is made flexible by heating it at the right temperature.

Vacuum zone: It is the vacuum zone that allows the processed pulp to be shaped into the mold. By drawing air from the openings on the mold, the heated plastic material is placed in the mold and takes its shape.

Cooling zone: It is the section where the processed pulp is cooled. The cooling process facilitates the release of the plastic material from the mold and helps it maintain the desired final shape.

The working principle of the thermoforming machine generally includes the following steps:

The pulps are fed into the machine and placed in the heating zone.

The pulp becomes soft and flexible by heating in the heating zone.

The heated pulps are lowered down through the openings on the mold.

The vacuum pump in the vacuum zone draws in the air and ensures that the plastic material sticks to the mold.

The pulps take the shape on the die and are rapidly cooled in the cooling zone.

The cooled pulp is separated from the mold and the desired product is obtained.

If desired, cutting or editing operations can be done on the product.

The thermoforming machine is available in different types that can work automatically or semi-automatically. The manufacturing process may include these steps:

The cooled pulp leaves the mold and takes the shape of the product.

If desired, cutting or editing operations are performed on the product. This step may be required to finalize the product.

Products are collected and packaged, usually by a conveyor system or a manual infeed mechanism.

The thermoforming machine enables fast forming of pulps and offers high production efficiency. This machine is widely used in the food industry, medical industry, packaging industry, electronics industry and many more.

The advantages of the thermoforming machine include low cost mold production, fast production process, high precision forming, wide material selection and flexible production capability. However, material waste may occur and the production of complex shapes may face some difficulties.

In general, the thermoforming machine is an effective and efficient production tool that is widely used in the shaping of pulps.

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