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Egg tray molds are specially designed for the safe preservation and transportation of eggs. Made of high quality and durable materials, these molds allow eggs to be stored without damage. In the egg tray mold category, you can find the best quality egg tray molds and meet the packaging needs of your business.

Egg tray molds made from quality materials

All products in the egg tray mold category are produced from high quality materials. These molds, produced by using hard plastic and durable composite materials, are made suitable for long-lasting and intensive use. In this way, maximum efficiency is achieved in your production process and quality products are obtained.

An egg tray is a container used to hold and transport eggs. It is made of scrap cardboard, newspaper and comes in 4 sizes XL, L, M, S to egg sizes. It comes in various sizes depending on the number of eggs. 30s egg trays, 1x15, 1x10, 2x6 capped egg trays are widely used by farmers, grocers and households to keep eggs organized and prevent them from cracking or breaking. It is also a convenient way to transport eggs without the risk of damaging them. Plus, egg trays are recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly option for egg storage.

Safe and Practical Designs

Egg tray molds are specially designed to ensure that eggs are placed in an orderly and safe manner. Pods and slots allow eggs to be fixed and transported without shaking. In addition, it has a practical structure for easy removal and storage. You can safely transport and store your eggs.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options

Molds in the egg tray category are an ideal option for those looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. Made from recyclable materials, these molds replace disposable plastic trays. It contributes to the conservation of natural resources and reduces waste generation. In this way, you can reduce the environmental impact of your business and create a sustainable brand image.

Customizable and Suitable for Branding

Molds in the egg tray category offer customizable options that reflect the brand identity of your business. Elements such as color, shape and brand logos can be customized. In this way, you can make your products unique and increase your brand value.

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