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Covered tray molds are molds specially designed for protecting, transporting and storing eggs. These molds ensure that eggs are placed and packaged securely. Covered tray molds provide an excellent experience to consumers by preserving the strength and freshness of eggs.

In this category, you can find different types of viol molds with lids. You can choose the molds that suit your needs and production process. Here are some features in the lidded viol mold category:

High Quality and Durability: Egg tray molds are made of sturdy and durable materials. Usually hard plastic or composite materials are used. These materials allow the molds to withstand long-term and intensive use. Thus, efficiency is achieved in the production process and quality products are obtained.

Precise Design: Covered Viol molds contain special compartments and slots that ensure the smooth and secure placement of eggs. This design allows the eggs to be transported and protected without shaking. Egg tray molds also have a practical structure for easy removal and storage.

Various Capacities: There are molds with different capacities in the lidded viol mold category. They can usually have a capacity of 6, 12, 18 or 24 eggs. This diversity provides flexibility to meet different user needs and optimize production processes.

Hygiene and Safety: Egg tray molds provide hygienic storage and transportation of eggs. The molds provide a protective layer to prevent the eggs from being scratched or damaged. In addition, it is important that the materials have hygienic properties and are easy to clean.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly: Egg tray molds are an ideal option for those looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions. They are usually made from recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. This provides a more sustainable option to replace disposable plastic trays. Egg tray molds contribute to the conservation of natural resources and reduce waste generation.

Possibility of Customization: Egg tray mold category has options that can be customized in accordance with different customer demands. Elements such as the colors, shapes and brand logos of the stencils can be customized. Thus, you can make your brand and products unique and support your marketing strategy.

Our products in the egg tray mold category are produced in accordance with high quality standards. Made of durable materials, our molds ensure efficiency and quality in production processes. It also helps you gain the trust of consumers by providing an environmentally friendly and hygienic packaging solution.

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